icho néa selini,

invites you to discover the reharmonization through sound, by opening up for you a time of sound and vibration immersion.
You will be guided towards your inner landscape, and accompanied in this transformation by sound.

"Sound has the extraordinary ability to manifest change. »

Throughout history, men have invested in the healing aspect of music and used sound to free themselves from the blockages and disharmonies of the energy channels that could affect them.

What is sound?

Everything that moves vibrates, from the smallest molecule to the Universe itself. Vibrations cause a kind of sound that the human ear does not perceive, but which is spread and felt throughout the body.

Scientific studies show that sounds can produce changes in the immune, endocrine, nervous and other systems. The measurement of sound is called frequency.

Feel the sounds:

Sound includes a harmonic structure that when projected onto sensitive matter, creates beautiful geometric shapes in its image. These sonic forms with sometimes complex and intertwined architectures can look like mandalas. Thus sounds "sculpt" the air, "record" themselves" in the water by structuring the hydrogen bonds and can make all kinds of materials vibrate, leaving their harmonic imprint.
To understand how these sounds can work, it is important to know that the body emits an electromagnetic field, a source of vibrations. Our organs and cells vibrate. Sound resonates in the same way in our body and can thus induce changes at the molecular and submolecular level, particularly in the structuring of the water molecule.  Let us not forget that this molecule constitutes 70 or 80% of us... It is water that serves as a conductor. Sound circulates five times better in water than in air, our inland ocean is actually a real resonance chamber. Thus, sound can resonate in our bone structure, in our muscles, tendons, nerves, organs, etc. and vibrations can be diffused through our cells.

Vibration therapy is based on the idea that any illness or discomfort results from a blockage of energy channels. These may be chakras or meridians. When there is an energy blockage, the organ that is supplied by its energy network is no longer properly supplied. It no longer vibrates at its natural frequency. This causes energy stagnation.

Healing by sound is the ability of sound waves to repair certain aspects of ourselves that are no longer in harmony, dissolve and release blockages by acting on our subtle bodies and thus restore our spiritual integrity.
These sound vibrations are tuning forks that synchronize us with our true nature and are extraordinary supports for meditation and reharmonization.
They allow to deepen a work of inner awakening and personal alchemy.
In other words, sound, in its purest form, can initiate a therapeutic process deep within the being.

In practice, this means

These sound healing or sonotherapy sessions can take different paths.
one is that of "sound immersion", a kind of concert of vibratory instruments placed in space around the person, lying on the ground, allowing him to reach a meditative state and deep relaxation.

the other is the "sound massage" where the therapist places the therapeutic bowls and tuning forks on the person and makes them ring to diffuse their vibration directly to the energy points and meridians.

During these sessions, which are practiced in groups or individually, we physically feel the vibration wave passing through the body through the filter of the skin and fascias, then a deep relaxation takes place.

The important thing is to let yourself be carried away by the sensations that vibrations give you, or even by the emotions they trigger.

We propose sessions for group or individual,
in our space or  we can move to you.
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